Open Game Day in the iLab!

Today, we’ll be holding our Open Game Day in the iLab, from 4:30pm-7:30pm! This is a test run to see how holding our game days in there works out, but it’s pretty much exactly what we usually do. As always, feel free to bring your setups, board games, and what ever you feel like to game with us! The iLab comes with some added bonuses as well:

  1. There are up to three TVs that you can use to plug in a console or a laptop
  2. If you’re a part of MAG, you’ll also be able to hop on any of the six fancy gaming PCs in the room
  3. There are plenty of tables for you to set up tabletop games!

As usual, we’ll also go and grab food after, rides permitting. Whether or not you’re a regular at AMS, you’re welcome to join in!

If you need to figure out where the iLab is, it’s the small building right in between Kuykendall and the Art Building, and between two parking lots. You can’t miss it!