AMS Artist Featurette: @theidlewaifu

Our first artist feature highlights our very own Justine Lam (@theidlewaifu)!
Read below for a small Q&A with our artist!

Please introduce yourself to the world!
My name is Justine Lam, also known as Idlewaifu. I’m a self taught artist with vectors, Clip Studio and Prismacolor pencils.

How long have you been a part of AMS? Student or Alumni?
I’ve been an Alumni for….6 years?

When was your first time attending Kawaii Kon?
I’ve attended every Kawaii Kon to date. (since 2005) Back in the days when the artist alley was really just one row of tables along the wall in Ala Moana hotel.

What are your favorite anime at the moment?
I’m always singing the praises of Kekkai Sensen, especially since season 2 really knocked it out of the park. Recently I really enjoyed Land of the Lustrous and Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen. Oh and I’m also Osomatsu-trash.

Where do you go your inspiration for your art?
I follow many talented artists on Instagram and I’m always blown away by their content. I also stalk the ToranoAna websites for Doujinshi previews. I only recently got on Twitter but its also a treasure trove of talented fan artists.

Where can we follow your art progress on social media?
The best place to follow me is on Instagram. But I also post on Twitter. I’m trying to be more consistent about it. I’m also planning to open my etsy store later this spring.

Instagram: @theidlewaifu
Twitter: @Idlewaifu
etsy: Idlewaifu

Any final words?
Anyone know where I can play Pop’n Music on the island? What happened to that machine??

We hope you enjoyed this Q&A! If you want to check out her art, you can swing by Table D6 in the artist’s alley at KawaiiKon 2018. We’ll see you there!