AMS Artist Featurette: @thesilentseagoat

Our next artist feature highlights the works of Beverly Quock (@thesilentseagoat).
Read below for a small Q&A with our artist!

Please introduce yourself to the world!
Hi there! The name’s Beverly and I’m just a veterinary assistant who enjoys drawing in her free time. I hail from the great and foggy city of San Francisco and moved here to Honolulu for university. I enjoy experimenting with different mediums from watercolor to resin to digital art and enjoy the challenged that each possess. When I’m not hugging puppers or getting attacked by upset cats at the clinic or arting, you’ll find me curled up in front of my laptop or television enjoying some quality anime or video games.

How long have you been a part of AMS? Student or Alumni?
I first joined AMS as a wee little freshman back in 2013. I’ve graduated from UH with a B.S. in animal science, but will back for another degree soon!

When was your first time attending Kawaii Kon?
The first I attended Kawaii Kon was in 2014! And I’ve been to every single Kkon since then.

What are your favorite anime at the moment?
I am full on idol boy trash at the moment. No one can stop my love of Idolish7. Ever since the phone game came out in 2015, I’ve been riding this train into the dark abyss. Other than that, Land of the Lustrous was such a lovely anime to watch and what else than the shenanigans of Pop Team Epic to bring light into my dark and dismal life (jk. My life isn’t dreary at all.)

Where do you go your inspiration for your art?
My inspiration comes a lot from other artists that I admire, anime/manga that I love, and most off all the animals that I love. When you work at a veterinary clinic, you can’t help bot have dogs, cats, etc on your mind all the time.

Where can we follow your art progress on social media?
I’m the most active on Instagram at the moment:

Insta: @thesilentseagoat
Twitter: @SilentSeagoat

Any final words?
Hug all the puppers. Draw all the puppers. Nothing like a furry friend for inspiration.

We hope you enjoyed this Q&A! If you want to check out her art, you can swing by Table D6 in the artist’s alley at KawaiiKon 2018. We’ll see you there!